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Village Band

Membership Policy

Adopted March 4, 2016

As provided in its By-Laws, the purposes of the Village Band include:

  1. Providing an organized community band environment in which adult musicians may play together in a traditional concert band ensemble, maintaining and enhancing their skills, and playing for a variety of audiences in their community,

  2. Providing cultural enrichment within the community by continuing the traditions of the town band, American concert bands, and concert band music in our society, and

  3. Providing an opportunity for musical expression and growth among its membership in an environment that promotes both individual and ensemble improvement.

The following guidelines for members are designed to enable fulfillment of the common goal of the band, which is to present the best public performance possible. To this end:

Any adult whose musical skills meet the requirements described in the band’s Musicianship Policy document may join the band. Musically-qualified high-school students may also join, with written consent of their parent or guardian and concurrence by the Conductor. All members of the band are expected to take their roles seriously, to attend rehearsals, to practice the music between rehearsals, and to care for and return all music provided by the band.

Joining the Band

A new member will be admitted to the band by attending rehearsals, following the procedures outlined below, and satisfying the Section Leader and Conductor that his or her musical skill level is appropriate for the band. The term “appropriate” is meant to allow for participation of aspiring musicians whose skill level does not meet basic requirements at the time of joining the band. This point is clarified in the band's “Policy for Musicianship Requirements” document.

At the beginning of his or her first rehearsal, a potential new member will meet one or more of the board members and the Section Leader, who will ascertain by discussion an impression of the new person’s skill level and preferences for voice within the section. A welcome letter that describes basic functions and procedures in the band and provides links to the band website will be given to new persons, where they will find policy documents and a registration form. For this rehearsal, a new person will read from music shared by a player in the section, and be given copies (NOT originals) of music if available at the time.

The Section Leader, Librarian, or other player will generate copies of the music for the new person to read during the person’s second rehearsal. We anticipate that he or she will decide whether to join the band by this time.

A new member who has decided to join the band will be required to register before the third rehearsal and must bring a payment of dues to the third rehearsal. (Students do not have to pay dues.) The new member will then be given a music folder at the third rehearsal.


Inconsistent attendance during the semester seriously impairs the ability of the Conductor to rehearse the band and disrupts the musicality of the ensemble. Thus consistent attendance at all rehearsals is critical to the success of performances. At the beginning of the semester, all members will be asked which, if any, upcoming concerts and rehearsals that they will not be able to attend. Invariably, the exigencies of life will alter the best of intentions; in such cases, the following considerations will apply.

If a concert must be missed, the member should inform his or her Section Leader well in advance so accommodations can be made for his or her absence. The Section Leader should also be notified in advance if a rehearsal must be missed.

A member who misses more than the occasional rehearsal should discuss with his or her Section Leader and the Conductor whether to play the next concert. Seriously inconsistent attendance with unannounced absences will be addressed with inquiries by the Section Leader whether the member should remain in the band.

Courtesy and behavior during rehearsals

All members should make every effort to arrive at rehearsals in time to be seated, warmed up, and prepared to play when the Conductor begins the rehearsal. Out of courtesy to the Conductor, talking among members during rehearsal must be kept to an absolute minimum, and every member should pay close and consistent attention to the Conductor’s instructions.


Every musician benefits from practice. Members are expected to practice between rehearsals and demonstrate improvement in their ability to play their parts during the semester. Members should be able to play the important sections of their parts by the second rehearsal preceding a concert, and to remain silent in preference to erroneous playing in sections that are beyond their ability to play.

Leaving the band

A member who decides to leave the band should inform the Section Leader well in advance of leaving. The Section Leader should try to determine the reasons for that decision. A departing member MUST turn any music and folder to the Librarian, Section Leader, or any other member of the band.

Music and folders

The band will provide copies of the music to each member. Members are responsible for keeping the music in clean and readable condition. NO permanent marks (ink or colored highlighting) are permitted on the band’s music: all notations MUST BE ERASABLE. Members who wish to use ink or colored highlighting MUST make their own copies of the music before doing so. When a member leaves the band, the folder and its music MUST be returned to the band immediately.

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