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Email List FAQ

This page contains instructions for mailing list actions that members often want to perform. You can also find information on the mailing list subscription page.

Please notice that there are TWO DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESSES involved in using the list.  Each of these has a different purpose:

  •  Use this address to send messages to members on the list.  Your message will go to ALL members of the band.

  •  Use this address to ask the automated mailing list manager for information about the list (e.g., ask for your password) OR to unsubscribe or to get a copy of all members names, email addresses, and instruments played, etc.  The automated list manager will respond by sending you an email.

The FAQ below tells you which of these to use for which purpose in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Subscribe to the mailing list
    A new member of the band will be subscribed to the Members mailing list automatically as a part of the prescribed process for joining the band. See the band's Membership Policy. If for some reason you have unsubscribed and need to re-subscribe, send a message to the web site manager.


  2. Set your spam filter to ensure you get list messages
    All email providers (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) now provide your accounts automatically with spam filters that are intended to filter out junk mail so you won't see it in your inbox. These filters treat managed mailing lists (like our Members list) with special attention because most spammers use such lists to send out their mass junk mailings.  To ensure that you will get all postings to the list, you must add your own "filter" to your email's spam filter so that postings to you from the list will be directed to your inbox instead of your spam or junk folder. Here are instructions for doing this with a Gmail account:


    • Log in to your Gmail account using your browser.

    • At the upper right you will see a drop-down list identified by a gear icon. This is the "settings" list. In it, click Settings.

    • Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses link.

    • Click the Create a new filter link. (This will appear below the list of your current filters, if you have any.)

    • In the To text box, type

    • Click the Create filter with this search link.

    • Check the Never send it to Spam box by clicking in it.

    • Click the Create filter button.

    • The new filter should now appear at the bottom of your filters list. You're done.

    Other Gmail providers employ similar methods.  

  1. Send an email to the entire list
    Send your message to


  2. Send a reply ONLY to the sender of a list message
    Use Reply in your mailer


  3. Send a response to EVERYONE in a list message
    Use Reply All in your mailer


  4. Unsubscribe
    Send an email message to:

    with the subject:



  5. Change Your Email Address
    Do not try to subscribe with a new email address. You just want to change the one you have.

    a. Go to
    b. Log in with your old email address and password.
    c. Under Changing your Members membership information, type your new email address into both the New address field and the Again to confirm field.
    d. Click the Change My Address and Name button (your name won't be changed unless you changed it in the Your name field).


Most people won't need to use these features of the mailing list, but they might be of interest to some.

NOTE: Your mailing list password is NOT THE SAME as the password and login you use to access the music library.

  1. Change Your Password

    a. Go to
    b. Log in with your email address and OLD password.
    c. Under Your Members Password, type your NEW password into both the New password field and the Again to confirm field.
    d. Click the Change My Password button.

  2. Get Your Password If You Forget It
    Send an email message to:

    with the subject:


    You will receive an immediate response with your current password in it.


  3. Get a Copy of the Members’ Names and Email Addresses
    Send an email message to the address:

    with the subject:


    where instead of YOUR_PASSWORD, you type in your own password. You’ll get an immediate email response with the list of all member email addresses and the name and instrument of that member.

  1. View and Explore Archived Messages and Threads on the Mailing List
    The mailing list maintains its own archive of all messages sent to it, and this can be displayed by thread, subject, author, or date. To view and explore the archive, go to Mailing List Archive.

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